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1- POS service available to VISA and MASTERCARD.
2- Online payment for booking also available via ORANGE cash/wallet only.

3- Intallments available and applicable to contract NBE clients and require only ID and applies only to Egyptians and foreign nationals with established stay greater than one year. Installments applicable only to extended duration types of treatment.

4- Discounts tendered to specific treatments are fully refundable to all cases in cases of dispute

5- Offers are only valid if claimed in person or through online payment, and shall be fully refunded if not delivered as per the terms of service

We are located in a very active and busy area of Cairo, Heliopolis. We are a team of family dentists operating in our own practice, started by our father, Dr. Atef Zakhary who is a NYU graduate in orthodontics specialty. We have a combined knowledge and expertise from both American and British orthodontic education, as well as recognized degrees from local universities of Egypt. We are dedicated to elevate the standards of dental care in Egypt and not just stick braces on. We like to be held accountable and stake our reputation to always achieve the best compromise our patient desires. We also have excellent niche of clients dating back as far as 1985. We cater our area of Heliopolis and the surrounding areas as well, and believe competition to be the best motive to improve services and dentistry in particular. Its our intent to keep good standards in the field and actively compete in quality dental work. We also believe that a customer is always right and have the capacity to correct any mistakes if any and be professional as possibly can. We also believe that a well motivated patient and a satisfied customer brings in more customers and thus we strive to please our people.


With over 25 years of experience, we’ve come to the our golden rule:
“A Hygiene-conscious patient is the best friend a Dentist could have”

And as such, we welcome all our new patients with a special treat for their first visit.
Once our patient, you’ll debate the fiction of a dentist visit being painful.

At our broad range of treatments you’ll never look elsewhere.
Your experience will be forever changed, and your concept of oral health and well-being will take a huge leap of faith.

So what are you waiting for? Schdeule your first appointment with us!