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Quality perception and quality dental care, what is the connection?

If quality perception and quality dental care are blurry to you, this article brought to you by By Dr Adel Zakhary Dental Clinic – the best dental clinic in Egypt

Quality dental care clipart Dr Adel Zakhary 2021
Quality dental care – Copyright Dr Adel Zakhary 2021 – ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Quality dental care, what is it? And what is quality?

Quality is a standard of something measured against another thing of a similar kind. Its degree of excellence. It can be the quality of process and uniformity of product, the fitness to use a product by conforming to requirements and reducing defects and lack of failures. 

Quality dental care, it is the global attitude judgement of a superior service – one’s attitude to judge getting their dental service.

How is dental quality perceived

One way is to perceive the quality based on perception, expectations, and actuality of quality. To think quality dental treatment is equivalent to one type of quality is a pitfall to judging the service. To rely only on numeric indicators of quality is the opposite extreme. Lets get deeper!

Perceptive quality

Quality perception of rendered, obtained, witnessed, or given dental service, that is received from the dental office. For example, getting fillings, implants, braces without pain. In this type, a dental service that is tangible, reliable, assured, competent, courteous, credible, secure, empathetic, and offers good communication are the pillars that form it.

Expected quality

Quality tendered. For example, newcomers to our dental office after COVID-19 pandemic expect rigorous social distancing measures, like having seats apart, minimized waiting time, infection control staff working around the clock, sterilized operatories and chairs. It is yet to be tangible. And because of this, it is the most biased and untrustworthy to follow. Because of basing expectations on quality (Quality perception).

Actual quality

Is the quantifiable type. The statistical. The numeric type of quality. For example, ratings of a dental office online. Measurable. For example, busiest times of day of a dental office. Speed of admission to the operatory. Speed of the consultation. This type is the most faithful of dental quality, yet the least visible to the patients. It is based on data unmurked, and unbiased by expert opinion. 

Patient-centered quality

It is dental quality that is based solely on reliability. Its the one that drives word of mouth. It is what patients yearn to on feeling a sharp shooting pain, a function of past experiences of member patients, the expected quality, and the actual quality that is purely data-driven. It requires extensive market research, demands more levels of management, and is plagued by upward communication. 

Take home message

As a dental patient, you should combine your previous experience, with numerical evidence of quality (such as waiting times), with fiscal evidence of pricing, and with word of mouth in order to select a good dentist. Not one of them, but at least two of the measures of quality to be able to judge a good dentist. If you liked our article, be sure to visit Dr Adel Zakhary Dental Clinic, the best dental clinic in Egypt.

تقويم الأسنان على مرحلتين

تقويم الاسنان على مرحلتين من دكتور عادل زخارى افضل دكتور اسنان و افضل عيادة تقويم اسنان فى مصر

تقويم الأسنان على مرحلتين هو في الأساس ، نوع من علاج تقويم الأسنان الذي يتضمن تعديل الفكين لأن المشكلة كما تحددها استشارة تقويم الأسنان تكون بشكل كبير في الفكين وليس في الأسنان.

تقويم المرحلتين لطفلة ترتدى جهاز تعديل الفكين
تقويم الاسنان على مرحلتين: تعديل الفك السفلى لطفلة

لماذا تقويم الاسنان على مرحلتين (تعديل الفكين؟

في كثير من الأحيان ، تكون مشاكل التسنين وبعد ذلك في مظهر الوجه مظاهر لمشاكل الفك ، حيث قد يكون أحد الفكين بعيدًا جدًا للأمام ، وقد يكون الفك الآخر متخلفًا جدًا أو كلاهما. قد يكون أخصائي تقويم الأسنان قد اكتشف مشكلة في موضع الفكين أو حجمهما أو شكلهما أثناء الاستشارة ، الأمر الذي قد يتطلب مزيدًا من العمل قبل التمكن من تحريك الأسنان.

ما هي المشاكل التي قد تكون في الفكين التي تتطلب تعديلها؟

يمكن أن يكون الفكين إما صغيرًا في الحجم ، أو منحسرًا ، أو متقدمًا ، أو كبيرًا جدًا بحيث لا يتمكن الفك الآخر من إحداث إغلاق صحيح ، وبالتالي جعل الأسنان تمامًا في الوضع المحدد ، والطبيعي ، والفسيولوجي (نعم ، له علاقة كبيرة برفاهية الأسنان !) وضع.

يعاني بعض الفكين من مشكلة واحدة فقط من المشاكل المذكورة أعلاه ، في حين أن الفكين الآخرين قد يكون لديهم مشاكل مشتركة. غالبًا ما يكون الأخير في معظم الحالات.

ما هو نوع المريض المؤهل لهذا النوع من العلاج؟

غالبًا ما يكون العلاج على مرحلتين مناسبًا للأطفال الذين تتراوح أعمارهم بين 8 و 12 عامًا. نظرًا لأن الأطفال لا يزالون ينمون في هذا العمر ، فإن طفرة النمو لديهم في ذروتها ، وتعتمد نتيجة العلاج إلى حد كبير على وجود النمو. يجب استشارة طبيب أسنانك عند الرغبة في التدخل في تلك الفئة العمرية.

لماذا يسمى العلاج على مرحلتين؟

يتكون العلاج من مرحلتين ، الأولى هي مرحلة تعديل الفك وتوحيد التغييرات التي تطرأ على الفكين ، والثانية هي اتباع نظام غذائي منتظم من تقويم الأسنان الثابت (أو تقويم الأسنان القابل للإزالة) الذي يهتم بضبط الأسنان بشكل جيد مع بعضها البعض ، بعد أصبح فكي كل منهما الآن أكثر إلى الوضع المثالي ، خلال المرحلة المبكرة.

هل يختلف وضع تقويم الأسنان في وقت لاحق في مرحلة البلوغ؟

نعم! في بعض الأحيان ، يمكن أن تكون مشاكل الفك شديدة لدرجة أن الجراحة هي الطريقة الوحيدة لمعالجة مشاكل الفك ، خاصةً مع الفكين غير الطبيعي أو مشاكل الفكين. على سبيل المثال ، الفك السفلي المنحسر الذي يتطلب عملية جراحية لوضعه في الموضع الصحيح. من الواضح أن فائدة العلاج على مرحلتين هي تقليل الحاجة إلى الخضوع لعملية جراحية ، من خلال محاولة توجيه نمو الفكين.

إذا أعجبك هذا المقال ، فيرجى التفكير في الاشتراك في النشرة الإخبارية لدينا لتلقي المحتوى الخاص بنا فور نشره.

Gaps: Can invisalign braces work with veneers?

Veneers and Invisalign braces could address a gap or spacing problem, but if you wonder can invisalign braces work with veneers, this is for you.

Side view of dental veneer showing existence of gaps

what is invisalign braces?

Invisalign is the commercial name of one type of plastic aligner used to treat minor, albeit simple problems of tooth position. Problems like one tooth inside, outside, high, and low are considered mild in nature. We talked about underbite and open bite previously, these can NOT be treated with aligners because of the nature of these problems is most often combined jaw and teeth problems into one, and aligners could only afford control in one frame of treatment diet; meaning only one setting, while these problems require control over all stages of treatment. More on that in a later episode.

what are veneers?

Frontal view of gaps between front teeth highlighted to show veneers can not close them Dr Adel Zakhary Dental Clinic
Its these gaps that can not be closed by veneers

Veneers are thin shells of ceramic that are cemented on mildly prepared teeth, usually in the order of 0.3-0.5mm, and are used to primarily address color anomalies of teeth. These shells are slid onto the face of the front teeth only and are purely esthetic in nature. They can not be used to correct tooth size discrepancies, tooth-jaw misproportionality, or abnormally shaped teeth. To these, crowns are the better upper. Sometimes during the course of viewing cases, we discover that veneers were used to close gaps between teeth, a huge no no. We are even shocked to learn from the victims, that the spaces re-opened after veneers, or that the tooth couldn’t hold the veneer in, and with the forces of biting incident on the front teeth, the veneer chipped off.

Do gaps constitute tooth-jaw misproportionality?

Often times, this, along with other compounded problems (they come in templates!), coupling results in appearance of gaps. Problems like abnormally shaped teeth, or small sized teeth, large sized, jaws, or vice versa could mean that the problem could only be mitigated in childhood. However, since most patients do become self aware in as early as the early teen years of their life well into college, it is not until late adolescence that this problem could really be tackled. School kicks in, life kicks in, even love. Therefore the majority of conscious patients who have reached this far in the text and consequently seek a solution are in the order of ages 22 and above.

why cant gaps be closed by veneers?

Simply because veneers aren’t the right way to close gaps in the first place. For teeth to be close together, they must move, or become bigger. Veneers make teeth bigger on one face of said teeth. The remainder of the teeth is yet to match the change. And this is why crowns, despite being more taxing to tooth structure, and braces, despite being the least taxing to tooth structure, are the best treatments to tackle gaps. 

If one were to liken veneers, crowns, and braces to a gap between two walls, therefore a drape, two bigger walls, or walls coming next to eachother, could very much sum the deal!.Which would you choose? 

benefits of crowns or braces to veneers when closing gaps

Taking the earlier example, you would want your teeth to remain close together and we explained the consequences of them not being so

You wouldn’t want a temporary fix to this problem, because food will find its way to the gap and will cause damage. So you can smile but in reality, when food is being swallowed, your tongue is pressing against your palat, and some of the food is actually driven to the gap from behind the veneers [See below] 

Crowns are the better options if you are short on time and want a quick and permanent fix for gaps. The downside as explained before is the need to eat away at the tooth material, a colossal breach through sound tooth structure. 

Fortunately, braces are here, if you could stick around for a longer coursed diet of treatment.

the take home message

Treating spaced teeth can only be effective if the solution provides a permanent fix. Veneers are a whold different shebang when it comes to treating gaps. They are temporary fixes to a perpetuating problem. One that requires a perpetuating solution. Braces or crowns.

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Q&A episodes

Got online dental consult questions and need answers, please send us your questions, or shoot us an e-mail,

or call us.

questions answers signage

We have had several dental consultation questions that we answered pertaining to tooth gems, grillz. Also, doctors questions related to Class III treatment, and stuck orthodontic cases. Lastly, we will conclude with an earlier episode about dental implants and braces. Grab your popcorn and enjoy!

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ما هى خطوات و مراحل زراعة الاسنان

: اذا ترغب بمعرفة كيف تتم زراعة الاسنان و ما هى خطوات زراعة الاسنان و مراحلها، فضلا قم بمتابعة هذة المقالة

زراعة الاسنان لدى دكتور عادل زخارى افضل دكتور اسنان فى مصر
missing lower front teeth requiring dental implants at Dr Adel Zakhary Dental Clinic
اسنان امامية مفقودة فى الفك السفلى تحتاج الى زراعة لدى دكتور عادل زخارى افضل دكتور اسنان فى مصر

ان زراعة الاسنان تعد من احدى سبل تعويض الاسنان المفقودة بالاضافة لعمليات التجميل و تقويم الاسنان و التركيبات الثابتة مثل الزيركون و الايماكس و البورسلين و زراعة الاسنان لها مميزات عديدة عن البقية منها اعادة استخدام عظام الفك و منع ضمورة الذى يصاحبة تغير الوجة و المظهر العجائزى، الا وهو انسدال الشفاة بشكل مبالغ فية. ايضا من فوائد زراعة الاسنان تحسين المظهر الجمالى للاسنان المتبقية من خلال عمليات التجميل المصاحبة للزراعة مثل رفع الجيوب، و تنبيت العظم فى مناطق الفك التى فقدت الاسنان منذ وقت طويل .و ايضا تحسين القدرة على مضغ و هضم الماكولات خصوصا لكبار السن من مرضى الاسنان

زراعة الاسنان لدى دكتور عادل زخارى

التصوير و الاشعة و المقاس

فى بداية الفحص و الكشف لدى دكتور عادل زخارى افضل دكتور اسنان فى مصر، يتم اخد اشعة مقطعية و طبعة مقاس للحالة و دراستها لتبين مدى صلاحية البنية التحتية للفك للزراعة. و هذا لتقدير كثافة العظام و تخطيط سمك زرعات الاسنان و عددها و ابعادها بالاضافة الى انواعها و الحاجة لاضفاء عظم اضافى ام اجراء الزراعة مباشرة


بعد الفحص يتم الشروع فى تجهيز الحالة عبر خلع اى اسنان غير قابلة للترميم و الاستخدام بعد او ترميم الاسنان القابلة للاستخدام فيما بعد باستخدام التبييض او علاج العصب و الجذور او التقويم او الحشوات او دعائم الاسنان و ايضا يتم ترميم العظام المستقبلة للزرع عبر جراحات بسيطة عن طريق الاخصائيين اذا لزم الامر. ايضا يمكن ازاحة معوقات الزرع مثل بواقى الجذور او الكسور فى الفك او وجود الجيب فى مقربة لمكان الزرع، الامر الذى يحتاج لعمليات رفع الجيب او تزويد عظام الزرع و يتلى هذة المرحلة الخطوة ما قبل الاخيرة و .هى زراعة الاسنان

زراعة الاسنان

فيديو توضيحى لخطوات زراعة الاسنان فى ٣٠ ثانية لدى دكتور عادل زخارى افضل دكتور اسنان فى مصر

و هذة الخطوة تعد الخطوة الحرجة حيث تعد يد الطبيب و خبراته من اعوام و حالات عولجت بكثرة عبر زراعة الاسنان عاملا مهما فى نجاح العلاج، ولا سيما ان زرع الاسنان من احدى التخصصات التى تحتاج ليد مصقولة و ثبات فى الاداء للوصول لافضل نسبة نجاح و التى عادة تكون بنسبة ٩٨،٩٩٪ من الحالات، و فى هذة المرحلة يتم ادخال الزرعة تدريجيا و بحرص شديد بعد حفر المكان المخصص لها داخل الفك و تجهيزة و بعد اكتمال تثبيت الزرع يتم تثبيت مسمار الالتئام و الذى يساعد على تشكيل الفك و اللثة تمهيدا للخطوة الاخيرة و هى خطوة ترميم الاسنان و تحميل الزرع

ترميم الاسنان و تحميل زراعة الاسنان

و تعد هذة الخطوة نهاية العلاج و فيها، يتم تجهيز الاسنان الموجودة لاستقبال التركيبة او تجهيز الفك اذا لزم الامر لاستقبال التعويض عن طريق تركيب تيجان الاسنان قابلة للنحت و تثبيتها على الزرعة بعد ازالة مسمار الالتئام و التاكد من نجاح الزرعة داخل الفك و انضمامها لنسيج الفك و يلى ذلك تثبيت التركيبات او الاطقم الزرعية على الزرعات و تهيئة اللثة لانغماد التركيبات و فى حال وجود التهابات ما حول الزرعة، يتم معالجتها قبل انهاء العلاج.

اذا كان المحتوى مفيد، فضلا قم بالاشتراك ليصلك كل جديدنا و اذا ترغب فى زيارتنا، فلا تتردد فى التواصل معنا

“Does it hurt?” or How do dentists tell if a tooth has a decay cavity?

multiple decayed teeth in the mouth of a senior dental patient of Dr. Adel Zakhary
One of our senior patients before getting their teeth repaired. How many teeth do you think require fillings?

Most people tend think their teeth are perfect, but once they do decide to visit their dentist, their resolve is shaken. How can your dentist tell if the tooth has a cavity or that you have tooth decay? The dentist examines their teeth and at once they begin to tell that something is wrong if the whole examination took a little while longer to the normal checkup, or if the dentist starts to bring in things off the table, and starts to ask the familiar question: “Does it hurt?”. Many times in our clinic, I have seen reactions from our patients ranging from a stunned gaze all the way to “no, Doc, you are wrong, my teeth are perfect”, and the final result is usually baffling.

Telltale signs of tooth decay (dental caries)

what if you as a person could look at your own teeth. Can you see any of these features?

  • chipping (little cracks running on the tooth)
  • mamelons (the little knobs that most people have at the edges of their front teeth)
  • white lines or dark lines on the back teeth
  • broken front tooth
  • yellow white spots under the surface
  • yellow brown pits on the surface (like freckles)
  • dark tops on the back teeth
  • hollow teeth

What about feel?

what if you could feel any of these, along with the signs

  • bad breath
  • pain on chewing, or hot drinks, or cold drinks, or just by closing on teeth
  • tongue touching a jagged or a pointy edge
  • food getting stuck between teeth unlike before
  • looseness of teeth 
  • bleeding from the gum especially when brushing
  • pain in the top teeth with bowing down
  • pain on a flight from teeth
  • tooth chipping away with food

If you experience any of these, then at least one tooth requires care.

What is that poker thing you used?

The outer shell layer of the tooth protects your teeth, what we call – Enamel. The hook (pictured below) detects shell compromisation, and because enamel is strong, that hook (we call it the dental probe) moves across the surface of the tooth and checks between the teeth, since we cant look in between two teeth, in a closed mouth, to probe for cavities, and if the cavities exist (and often times, we are equally surprised they do, along with our patients), we have what we call a catch. This means a compromised tooth and the enamel breaching where the catch is, and that means we need to also take an x-ray. 

dental probe image taken by Dr Adel Zakhary showing the instrument against a black background.
dental probe (hook)

Must you always use the probe when looking for tooth decay?

No. There are other advanced means to tell. We have cavity detector dyes, x-rays (below), and your signs and symptoms from earlier. We resort to these, only in cases where the tooth is visibly destroyed, and we need to make sure also, that we are not going to walk in to the root canal, or if indeed, there is one to begin with. 

dental panoramic x-ray of the presented case of Dr Adel Zakhary confirming the majority of teeth requiring fillings
Panoramic x-ray for our senior case, with majority of teeth require care

How can I make sure my teeth do not get painful during Covid-19?

The whole world was shook by the outbreak of Covid-19, especially countries like the UK, USA, and India. Lots of loved ones and friends, as well as professionals were lost due to the pandemic. With the third wave about, tooth decay can force you to leave your home and thus, you can schedule an appointment at your nearest dentist

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open bite, or is it underbite? Teeth that overlap, or don’t. How to tell?

If you have teeth that don’t meet each other at the front, and you wonder what you should call it properly to your dentist, this is for you. To say you have an underbite, or open bite, is like apples and oranges. Read some more!

open bite before treatment dr adel zakhary
an open bite case before treatment ar Dr Adel Zakhary

The normal relationship

Normally, teeth are designed to meet each other as previously described. This relationship is what is known as a positive overlap of teeth, and dentists know it by its stage name – overbite. Its when the tip of the bottom front tooth strikes the back of the upper front tooth. Under this configuration, the teeth are said to be in contact and further, are able to incise (hence the technical name of the respective tooth – incisor) or bite food off.

What is Underbite?

It is when teeth are not touching each other but look like they do when viewed strictly from the front. Some literature described it as bulldog appearance, but we do not consider the literature exact, as the appearance is more involved with both the overlap in the two planes, the vertical and horizontal planes.

open bite, on the other hand..

Is when teeth do not touch OR overlap each other. There is a distinct gap between the teeth, especially in closing on the back teeth. This is easily discernible from the front teeth, then turning the head to the side, to find a perfect, dark zig-zag between the back teeth top and bottom, while the front ones do not touch in any way. There is a visible gap.

Is it an overlap, or do they touch?

Sometimes, teeth can struggle to reach their proper position and touch each other, for example, when a physical obstruction prevents them from doing so, or if adenoids or other systemic diseases exist. When this occurs, we ask our patients to report if the teeth could in fact touch each other on closing on the back teeth. With the significance being that if there is touching of teeth, then seldom this requires tooth movement with braces or orthodontics. Sometimes, it may be hard to tell, especially when the patient has a bone problem in such a way, that teeth front to back can not touch each other under the patient’s own effort

underbite case before treatment dr adel zakhary
underbite case before treatment at Dr. Adel Zakhary

How can open bite or underbite be treated?

When you visit our clinic for the first time, we take your impression and make a 3D model. This is then inserted to the computer and is analyzed to reveal which teeth can touch (from the dent marks on their surface), and which do not. We also connect this with your photographs and overlay your face above the teeth, while also using taken X-rays, to connect all three together and establish your profile. Once that is done, you get to see how will the treatment proceed, what type of brace are we going to use, the teeth to be taken out (if any), and finally, the desired final outcome. As a general rule with bites, and because dentists usually elect to remove teeth, orthodontists perform what is known as a wax-up. It is essentially your corrected case with a full complement of teeth (without taking teeth out). Through a series of calculations, angular measurements, and extrapolations of tooth movements, we can then determine if teeth are to be removed for closing the bite. Please be aware that not only is it one of the most difficult conditions to treat, but also open bite or underbite problems have a high tendency to relapse following retainer removal, and therefore requires the fixed wire retainer.

What to do if you can’t tell if its open bite or underbite

If you can’t tell if the teeth are touching or not, you can have yourself checked at our clinics

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Tooth fractures

Broken front tooth dr adel zakhary before restoring
Broken front tooth before restoring it at Dr Adel Zakhary

If your child fell on their face, you had an accident and your teeth became wobbly, this article is for you.

What are tooth fractures?

Dental fractures occur when a foreign body collides with the mouth and teeth, for example when falling on the face, whether in children or the elderly, or in car accidents or quarrels, and it may result in a fracture in one or several teeth at once and also may result in tooth bleeding if it involves the root canal of the teeth involved.

What are the risks of having a fractured tooth?

Broken teeth may result in pain in the area of ​​the tooth that does not subside with painkillers, and it may lead to bleeding of the gums with the teeth if the fracture reaches deep into the jaw and to the bone, and it may also result in the death of dental nerves and the occurrence of ulcers in the lips and cheeks if the fractured tooth is sharp, but if the fracture is smooth, the fracture may reach the tooth nerve, and upon the death of the nerve, there may be the formation of dental abscess, bone problems, and excessive movement of the damaged teeth, with loss of bone support to said teeth, which subsequently leads to the need for tooth removal or surgical fixation.

What are the types of tooth fractures?

Fractures are classified in a number of ways, including:

  • Deep fractures or superficial fractures
  • Acute fractures or smooth fractures
  • Stratified fractures
  • Fractures with or without nerve death
  • Fractures of the tooth only or the tooth with the bone
  • Fractures with immobility in the broken tooth or without tooth immobility (tooth removal fractures)
  • Level fractures of the crown only or the crown with roots

The classification of fractures may differ according to the doctor, locale, or the system adopted to classify them in the country, but most of the classifications are based on the fourth classification, which is with or without the death of the dental nerve.

Broken tooth after restoration using tooth colored filling at dr adel zakhary
Broken tooth after restoration with tooth colored filling at Dr Adel Zakhary

How are broken teeth treated?

In Dr. Adel Zakhary’s clinic, a treatment plan is developed in consultation with the patient. Treatments for dental fractures vary according to the classification and degree of the fracture. Sometimes it is required to put a deep nerve filling if the fracture reaches the tooth nerve and passes all layers of protection. But if the fracture is minor, it is usually possible to restore without the need for filling if it is in the enamel layer. If it reaches the dentine layer, it may require filling the tooth with a filling that has the color of the tooth. And if the tooth is not healed within several days, then it becomes possible to perform a root canal removal and rebuilding the tooth as it is in cases of deep fracture or fracture that reaches the bone, and this requires surgical operation to stabilize the tooth, and usually this could be coupled with a diet of braces treatment to reform the lost bone.

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كسور الاسنان

Tooth fractures dr adel zakhary
كسر فى طبقة المينا

ما هى كسور الاسنان

كسور الاسنان تحدث عندما يقوم جسم غريب بالإصطدام بالفم و الاسنان مثلا عند الوقوع على الوجة سواء عند الاطفال او كبار السن او فى حوادث السيارات او المشاجرات و قد ينتج عنها كسر فى السنة الواحدة او عدة اسنان مرة واحدة و ايضا قد ينتج عنها نزيف السن اذا وصل الكسر لعصب السن

ما هى اضرار كسور الاسنان

قد ينتج عن الكسور وجود الم فى منطقة السن لا يهدأ مع المسكنات و قد يصل الامر الى نزيف اللثة مع الاسنان اذا وصل الكسر فى عمق الفك و الى العظم و قد ينتج ايضا عنة موت اعصاب الاسنان و حدوث تقرحات فى الشفتين و الخدين اذا كان السن المكسور مدبب اما اذا كان الكسر املس فقد يصل الى عصب السن و عند موت العصب قد يحدث تكوين لخراج تحت السن و نخر العظم و لخلخة الاسنان و عدم ثبوتها الامر الذى يؤدى فيما بعد الى الحاجة لخلع السن او التثبيت المستمر. 

Broken tooth repair with fillings and zirconia crowns dr adel zakhary
كسر سنى للرحى الامامية تم ترميمة باستخدام مزيج من الحشوات و تركيبات الزيركون الثابتة لدى دكتور عادل زخارى

ما هى انواع كسور الاسنان

يتم تصنيف الكسور بعدة طرق منها:

  • كسور عميقة او كسور سطحية
  • كسور حادة او كسور ملساء
  • كسور الطبقية
  • كسور مع او بدون موت العصب
  • كسور فى السن فقط او السن مع العظم
  • كسور مع ثبات السن المكسور او بدون ثبات السن (كسور اطاحة السن(
  • كسور المستوى من التاج فقط او التاج مع الجذور

قد يختلف تصنيف الكسور على حدة الطبيب او الدولة او النظام المعتمد لتصنيفة فى الدولة ولكن اغلب التصنيفات ترتكز حول التصنيف الرابع و هو مع او بدون موت العصب السنى

طرق علاج كسور الاسنان

فى عيادة الدكتور عادل زخارى يتم وضع خطة العلاج بالتشاور مع المريض. تختلف طرق العلاج للكسور السنية حسب تصنيف و درجة الكسر. فاحيانا يتطلب الامر وضع حشو العصب اذا وصل الكسر لعصب السن و مر بجميع طبقات الحماية. اما اذا كان الكسر بسيط فعادة يمكن ترميمة دون الحاجة للحشو اذا كان فى طبقة المينا اما اذا وصل لطبقة العاج قد يتطلب الامر حشو لون السن. و اذا لم يتم التئام السن فى عدة ايام، يمكن وقتها عمل سحب للعصب و اعادة بناء للسن كما هو فى حالات الكسر العميق او الكسر الذى يصل الى العظم و هذا يحتاج الى عمليات لترصيص السن و تثبيتها و قد يحتاج الى تدخل جراحى او شبة جراحى عبر تقويم الاسنان

اذا اعجبتك المقالة يمكنك الاشتراك  حتى يصلك كل ما هو جديد